The Scottish Invention or America, Democracy and Human Rights
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The Scottish Invention or America, Democracy and Human Rights

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The William Wallace Society:

Dr. Michael Newton (author of Handbook of the Scottish Gaelic World, 2000):

Rev. Dr. J. Philip Newell (author of Listening to the Heartbeat of God. A Celtic Spirituality (1997):


Rampant Scotland:

Electric Scotland:

Arbroath Abbey:

National Tartan Day:

The Caledonian Foundation (USA):

The American-Scottish Foundation:

Scottish Heritage USA, Inc.:

The Council of Scottish Clans and Associations, Inc.:

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals:

School of Scottish Studies:

Research on Language Policy and Language Planning:

Gaelic Portal for the Scottish Parliament:

Save Gaelic:

Cli Gaidhlig. The Gaelic Access and Promotion Organization:

Scottish National Party:

Gaelic Books Council:

Statistical Accounts of Scotland (c. 1792):

Historical Maps of Scotland:

Scottish On-line Books:

UK Atlas:

Gaelic Website:

New World Celts:

A special thanks to the students in Laura Rawlins' History class at Cleary Mt. School District in Virginia for finding and providing the additional links below.
History of Scotland
Scotland's Wars of Independence
Culture of Scotland

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